CMS (Content Management System)

We know how quickly things change, that's why we build almost all of our websites with a fully integrated CMS (Content Management System).

Using the latest, customized version of Joomla you can rest assured that you've got a secure & reliable website, which you can access and update anywhere in the world.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is the industry standard CMS, used on millions of websites it is an Open Source project which is dedicated to creating a better web. Very similar to WordPress these systems store all data on a MySQL database, creating a very fast and user friendly site. You can find out a bit more about Joomla here.

Take the leap

Even if you already have a website, if you want a more easily managed site we can take your existing site and move it across to a Joomla site- with no downtime so you get all the benefits of having the best system available, while not loosing any business. Joomla is incredibly flexible, if you have a blog, you're a car deal, software company or fully fleged eCommerce, there is a way it can work for you.

Why Joomla?

There are many CMS systems to choose from, but we've found that the easiest for our clients to use, for us to perfect and to be the most secure is Joomla. WordPress is another very good system, and is sure growing fast, but is limited when it moves away from blog style sites.

Note: For VLE (Virtual Learning Environments) we'd recommend Minerva and Moodle! Systems such as CMS Made Simple are all very well but tend to have security problems, and perform slower as they do not have the same developer support behind them, developing and growing them.

Backed up, secure and safe

Joomla is a secure system, can hold registered users, allows multiple admin's and has a huge extension directory. For all of our Joomla site's we have bi-daily automatic backups, but if you have a high traffic website or blog we can schedule backup's every hour.

Getting help

We have extensive support articles for Joomla which anyone can access at anytime, but don't worry we're always on hand to help out our clients who manage their own site if you ever become stuck. We install Joomla even for site's we manage on our clients behalf as it remains the best method, and allows you access at a later date if you wish.

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